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Gravitation Redux [entries|friends|calendar]
Gravitation Redux

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MASS ADD [17 Sep 2008|08:52pm]

Hello there, everyone! It is I, Daisya-Mun and I come baring gifts of easier friending adding on and removing. To make things easier if you leave or you're new, please comment here and I will update the list ASAP.

Thank you ♥

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All Characters Join This Please [28 Jul 2008|11:09am]

The RP logs can now be posted at gravityreduxlog and as well some can be started.

Soon, somewhat of a directory will be made for the characters, and we're going to try to make a map with generalized locations, apartment buildings, etc, to provide more opportunities for the characters to meet.
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Untitled 8 [05 Jul 2008|07:58pm]

Gravitation Redux

grav·i·ta·tion [grav-i-tey-shuhn]

1. the movement or tendency to move under the influence of gravitational force.
2. the act of sinking or falling toward the lowest level
3. the natural tendency or strong attraction (usually fol. by to or toward): Musicians gravitate toward one another

re·dux [ri-duhks]

brought back; resurgent: the Victorian era redux.
[Origin: 1650–60; < L: returning (as from war or exile), n. deriv. (with pass. sense) of redūcere to bring back

Set in the world of Maki Murakami’s Gravitation, Gravitation Redux is a multi-fandom RPG encompassing both the music industry and life in contemporary Tokyo. Join as any of the traditional Gravitation characters, or see if you have what it takes to impress the staff of NGR and rise to the top. Start a rival record company, or form a band with your favourite characters, and compete in biweekly competitions to see who burns up the charts and who is forced to sacrifice their dreams of stardom. Take over a nightclub, join a security company, work at the local hospital, even attend school and go to concerts on weekends - the possibilities are endless.
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A Certain Slant of Light [30 Jun 2008|04:59pm]

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Those Who Stayed [30 Jun 2008|04:43pm]

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Extremoz [30 Jun 2008|04:40pm]

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